Psychological Services

How to choose a therapist


Connection is everything. Just like any other relationship, some people click and some don't. With a sense of connection it is possible to build up a strong therapeutic alliance to work together with your therapist. If you don't feel safe to be real and authentic, the progress will be minimal. I believe compassion and the quest for understanding is at the heart of everything I do.

Therapies available



Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Person-Centred Psychotherapy

Schema Therapy

Compassion Focused Therapy

Pluralistic approach

EAP services



"Thank you so much for helping me become the person I have always wanted to be. you were instrumental and I couldn't have asked to meet a better person." Client

"You helped me get my life back and for my family to get back the man they thought was lost to them. Thank you." Client

What to expect from therapy


Therapy is not a magic wand to make your problems go away. Some therapies can help reduce symptoms of mental health difficulties like depression and anxiety. Therapy can also be a place to find answers about yourself. It can be challenging and painful at times, but worth it to improve your quality of life. Walking through fire can bring transformation.

Clinical Supervision


I can provide clinical supervision for psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, trainee psychologists and trainee counsellors. I trained through the BPS accredited supervisor training and am registered on RAPPS (Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors). I can provide both individual and group supervision.

Critical Incident Debriefing


I can provide Critical Incident Debriefing. This is a facilitated group process which aims to help groups and organisations affected by a traumatic incident. This is a 1-3 hour process. Rates can be negotiated on a case by case basis.